Virtual wine tasting 50ml sample pack

$40.00 each

10 x 50ml Samples of Tractorless Vineyard wines

Helping us limit the spread of Covin-19 by supporting our virtual wine-tasting initiative. We hope that our online interaction and experience will help to make social isolation a little less isolating for all of us. For me, one of the best things about wine is how it brings people together in sharing an experience. I always love hosting tastings at our cellar door in Bowral -- they’re an incredibly social occasion. They’re a chance for people to try a selection of different wines, learn about how we’ve created them, and share their reactions and their thoughts.

What is included in this package; - 4 white and 1 rose wine - 5 red wines - Tasting sheet - Wine purchase voucher (via email)

What to do next We suggest you place the four white wines and the one rose wine in your refrigerator when they arrive.

Once you receive the package, you have two choices. You can watch the virtual tasting on our Tractorless Vineayrd YouTube channel which will be available to watch 24/7.


You can be part of the tastings that I’m hosting live on Facebook. To do this you will first need to follow us @tractorlesswine then you can choose from a number of virtual live sessions that we will be holding over the coming months.

These live ones I’m really excited about; you can write in with your questions and reactions while I’m live. It’ll be a bit of the sociability that we get to enjoy at our Cellar Door here in the Southern Highlands.

I look forward to seeing you at one of our virtal tastings

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